Prayer and Inspiration

Effectual Prayer and Inspiration 

Dear Heavenly Father; The Bible says "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" Now i know that the only good thing in me is Jesus Christ and Your Holy Spirit. But on the strength of the righteousness of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit which sanctifies me, i come to You as a sinful man, in all humility, with full respect and fear; yet i come to You boldly, as Your child; Your adopted son; and joint-heir with Christ Jesus in fervent and effectual prayer. Father I pray that you will give ear to the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart, And if my prayers are acceptable to you my Father, let me see the hand of Your Glory on this side of eternity. This I pray in Jesus' Mighty Name Amen.

Troy “FireSpeaks” Pearsall

Table of Contents

  1.  Prayer an Introduction (Series 1)
  2.  Praying to the point of Tears(Series 2) 
  3. Spiritual warfare (Series 2)  
  4. In time of Suffering (Series 4)   
  5. The Pursuit of God in Prayer  (Series 5)   
  6. Biblical  Prayer for Today (Series 6)

I. Prayer

Many Christians, even leaders of the church are in their opinion true believers but have no faith in what God can do in their lives. They look like Christians and they act like true Christians but their prayer life is as dead as skeletons and as barren as wastelands because of their lack of prayer they have little faith
And if there is a true sign of this lack of faith, then it is an absence of a prayer life. Because Prayer is faith in action,  and lack of prayer is proof of a lack of faith. Truly I tell you that anyone that honestly wants to build his faith in Christ Jesus , he must  began building on his knees

II.   Praying to the Point of Tears (Series 2)
Charles H Spurgeon in his sermon on Effective Prayer says “The best prayers I have ever heard in our prayer meetings have been those which have been fullest of argument. Sometimes my soul has been fairly melted down when I have listened to brethren who have come before God feeling the mercy to be really needed, and that they must have it, for they first pleaded with God to give it for this reason, and then for a second, and then for a third, and then for a fourth and a fifth, until they have awakened the fervency of the entire assembly." In this series we address why we should compose arguments in prayer, how to compose argument in prayer and the effect of arguments in prayer

III.  Spiritual Warfare (Series 3) Standing against the Enemy
Ephesians 6:11 Tells us to put on the whole armor of God, that we may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. To often we as Christians are content with being victims of the devil and the world which holds no respect for Christ Jesus. However, the Bible does not teach that we are weak victims of Satan’s work, but that we are soldiers on the attack, invading the territory of the powers and principalities of this world. Because of this God has equipped us with the weapon of prayer. Therefore, we must assault the devil on his front with prayer and supplication waging spiritual blitzkrieg against the army of Satan, crushing him with our feet. For we are not survivors, but victors, in the battle against the devil. 

IV.   In Time of Suffering  (Series 4) 
Because we are raised up by God to sit in heavenly place with Christ Jesus, we have the anticipation of a greater hope. Therefore, no matter what situation or circumstance that comes up against us we are not moved because our joy in not in life’s happenstances but found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Having faith in God’s Word we are confident that nothing in life can take our joy because our Joy comes from the Lord.

The Pursuit of God in Prayer (Series 5)

1.Reveal Thyself to Me Dear God 
A call to know our Father’s Face
2.Be Careful for Nothing  
Developing Honesty in our Prayer
3. Removing the Veil 
Depending Totally on Our Father
4.Apprehending God 
The Facilities of Seeking After God
5.Diligently Seek After God 
Truth in Diligence toward The Father
6.Thy Face Will I Seek,  
Our Heavenly Father Seeking Us
7.The Silent Voice 
Our Heavenly Father is Continually Revealing Himself to Us 
8.Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus 
Resisting the Urges to be Clouded

9.He Wants It All 
Ego and Pride the Us We Won’t Give Up
Selfishness; Addressing the Hidden Motives behind our Worship

VI  Biblical Prayer for Today (Series 6)
Prayer of Agur  
I dare you pray this prayer which puts material prosperity and success, vanity and pride in their proper places,
Prayer of Hezekiah’s Victory

In this prayer we put into it proper place the power of prayer over our circumstances
Praise and Worship

Soli Deo Gloria