Thursday, February 19, 2009

He will wipe every tear from your eyes.

The bible says “The lips of the righteous know what is acceptable” I would contend that the lips of the righteous know what God has in store. Today at work I was speaking to one of my coworkers about a tribe in Africa that when someone experiences a lost the whole tribe  circumscribes her or him and cries with them; their pain becomes part of the community, and everyone works to help them through their struggles, help them cry right through their pain.

Oh how powerful it is to know that someone is there for you crying not because of their personal suffering, but because of your suffering, in anguish because  you are in anguish, hurting because of your lost.
When I got home from work I signed on to FaceBook  and one of my new friends had posted how difficult it was dealing with the lost of a significant other. I just like him have a hard time dealing with the lost of someone I care for. However even though it seams I’m never one for a lost of words, I knew there were no words that would make the pain go away.

 This evening after church I got a phone call, the son of one of our members was in a tragic accident. I could not wait to get home because I know this was one of those times when God himself All Mighty wanted me to pray. However just moments later I got a second call, he was dead.

 My mind wandered back to the earlier conversation about the tribe in Africa which boar the pains of its members and I began to think of our Lord Jesus Christ who willing boar our punishment of our sins. And because my Master Christ Jesus took it upon himself to be wounded for my transgression, bruised for my iniquities the weight of my sins are not as heavy.

Oh how wonderful it would be if I could cry the family through their pain on the strength of my prayers. If I could just pray to the point of tears for someone else not just rehearse a quadrangle of spiritual gibber jabber but really be moved by my own prayers for them. What value are my prayers if I am not moved by them, how do I expect God to move because of my prayers?  So with clouded eyes I pray;

Oh heavenly Father,
In the name of my Master Christ Jesus I come to you in prayer, that you may comfort this family in this time of bereavement. Lord Jesus, You stood and the door of the grave and cried when Lazarus died, so I know you know the sorrow and I know you know the pain that this family is going through. Wrap them in the bosom of your peace, strengthen them by the power of Your Holy Spirit; Comfort them in their time of need. 

Now Father if there is anything that You would have me to do for them, if there is anyone that You would send in their time of pain, than I am here, send me.

In my life I can not imagine the pain that a mother has when she hears her child has died, nor the sorrow of a father to see his son die in his own arms.  what pain for a new mother that has to tell her children "Daddy is never coming home"I know that all things You work for the good of those who love You, But I just don’t understand why the pain has to come, why the tears, why the sorrow and death. 

I pray Heavenly Father that you will strengthen the whole family in their faith, let not this bereavement cause them to wander from the hope of Your Salvation. Give them the strength to know that his is just a moment is Your plan. Give them the confidence to know  That you have set a time when You will wipe all their tears from their eyes, that there will be no more death, no more mourning no more crying no more pain because these thing of the past are gone forever.
In the Name of Him who is able to wipe away my tears
Jesus Christ I pray, Amen

Your Brother In Christ


  1. Oh, what a lovely article you've written !! Balled my eyes out, just to know, someone else's faith is strong !
    Very moving indeed !

    If possible, let me know if I may share my story with you for others, at the loss of my best-friend/hubby 22 months ago. And how if it wasn't for the love of our Saviour, I wouldn't have made it this far !!
    Your Ministry appears to be something that is rare & special, & I admire your diligence immensely !
    God Bless.

  2. God works in mysterious ways...

  3. Sheila please feel free to share you story here. It would be a honor to have it.

  4. Powerful, I love it & I thank God for leading me to this website page! Please, pray for me & my husband & kids. We are being under attack by our neighbors David % Areiel here in San Antonio Texas. He attacked me in rage in front of my kids over my assigned parking space he took from us. I was assigned for that space because I am going through health issues & I do not have a handicape plates yet. But, these couple are bully me & has confronted me they don't care. Its very sad, & although they don't know I am a Christian, but the devil knows & is doing things to make himself known by using these people to attack us! We are quiet people who keeps to ourselves & we stay out of peoples way, but trouble keeps knocking on our door from morning to night! (everyday). We just don't want problems & I am so tired of these people already. Please, help us with advice & pray that these people will not hurt us when my husband is away at work over night! They know what time my husband leaves & comes back & they attack me when he's not around. Thank you so much, and I will pray as soon as I finish here also. A woman of God in need of PRAYER!

    Mary Ann Arrellano

  5. I have a post that I think you might be interested in reading (copy and past this link into your browser)

    it will give you some godly choices to deal with attacks from the world.

    One last thing pleas take the time to join my FireSpeaks blog the more people join the more the better I can serve

    Be blesse in the Lord
    Soli Deo Gloria