Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Harvest is Plenteous

Matthew 9:37The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few

 While mega churchesare putting the sword to the battle in Asia and Africa, and the Middle East;passionately taking new ground for the kingdom, our generals (heads of thesereformations) have failed to guard our flank. Overtly, the three headed monsteris attacking us in our own homeland eating at the fiber of our faith, gnawingat the entrails of our morality, imposing their thoughts and doctrine on ourchildren because we have failed to equip them to the faith.

They are the ones, knocking on doors, andhanding out literature, and talking to our children about their faith. Creatingnew convert for their beliefs at the root level where we have all butcompletely failed. This three headed monster understands very well that thefuture of our faith is dependent on the hope of our youth.  So while wesit high and mighty in foreign lands the monster sneaks into the homework andstories of our children.

           Matthews24:15 tells us that the gospel shall be preached in “all the nations”, so we have sent missions to Asia and Africa and every corner ofthe world. Yet we failed to reach our own back yard. Our neighborhood churchesare slowly being replaced with Mosque, or Kingdom Hall, or whatever the Mormonscall their place of worship.

           We are sendingmoney to save the children in every 3rd world country, yet our ownchildren are killing themselves, because we have failed to tell them aboutJesus. While we are feeding our egos with plane trips to far off places, it’sthe Jehovah Witness that are knocking on doors, the Mormons that are handingout literature on the buses, and the Muslims that are reaching our children inthe playground.

I believe that if we teach our children the waysof Jesus Christ we can affect positively the problems that weight down ourcity. I believe there is a place for missions in Africa but not at the cost of forgettingthe missions here in Philadelphia.

Too few churches have a commitment to evangelism;too few Christians have a heart for the lost. We have found it so much easierto ignore the problems that plague our city because of lake of knowledge of God(Hosea 4:6) than to realize that becausewe are not part of the solution we are the problem. (Matthew 12:30). The question is, are you satisfied with beingpart of the problem?

Or do you want to be part of the laborer of theharvest. It is my desire to make a difference in Philadelphia. to hear about my calling and possibly be a part of this great Harvest  please contact me at Making.Grace.Amazing@gmail.com

Your Brother in Christ
T.Charves FireSpeaks