Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fixing the Broken Wheel of Flawed Teaching

Fixing the Broken Wheel of Flawed Teaching

What do you do when you come to a place where you realize that something that you have always been taught about God may not be in line with what God revealed of Himself in the bible? What do you do when God has opened your eyes to see that what was a regular part of how your practiced, or was taught to practice your faith may not be biblically correct?

I not talking about a falling away of your faith, you still love God and you still have a made up mind to live your life for Jesus, but because you love God, and want more than anything to please him, you are troubled by the teaching of your local church.
You began to fish through scripture after church to make sure what was preached was biblically sound, (Acts 17:11) but try as you can you just can support what is being taught with scripture. Each time you hear that teaching you get knocked of your square, you think to yourself, or maybe even say aloud to yourself  "that just don't seem right to me" 

No one else seems to really care that's its not right, so maybe its just you being your same old  trouble making self, or maybe your are right and God forbid, the whole church is wrong. So you are being torn between what is being practiced or taught at church and what you are reading in the bible. 

The first time this happened to me was when I came to the realization that the way we witness to the lost is not only biblical incorrect,  it may have been producing more false Christians, (those that think they are saved and are not.) than it was real ones.

Now my desire is not to sound like a Ray Comfort mini-me but I’ve seen the type of Christian that is produced from both the modern day way we witness and witnessing using the law. And if my desire is truly build God’s kingdom than I’ve got to stop worrying about how many people I get to mimic a pre-orchestrated prayer, and start working to develop those that would worship God in Spirit and Truth.

But with that being said, the question is what do you do when you know that something your church is teaching does not produce God fearing people? Do you leave and go to another church in hopes that they might get it right? Do you try to bring to the understanding of the heads of the church the error of their ways? Or do you just sit and do nothing; even though you know what you are doing is wrong? How do you fix that broken wheel of a flawed practice in your local body and how many casualties will it have to the faith? I guess what I'm asking is how do you fix the broken wheel of flawed teaching ?

Your brother in Christ