Monday, May 8, 2017

Duct Tape Stupid

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I was surfing the internet the other day and I was completely discussed with what the world thinks of Christians in general. What I was upset about was those thing which are just blatantly wrong that the world, (and most Christians) held as true.

Internet apologetics is hard, you need a very thick skin to not get depressed, you can become angry and sometimes it actually causes you to sit back and cry. Not for the hurt but for the loss. Yet, sadly many Christian are as much to blame for our condition, as those that have yet to come to believe. In an effort to mitigate our gushing ignorance in the present of a non-believer, we twist the scripture to save the impression of piety rather than search the scriptures to tell the truth reveled in them. 

So as to mitigate this foolishness and to cut short the mental assault on logic. Let me bring to light this day two of the stupidest things we say concerning our faith.
I’m a believer but not a Christian!
Nothing irks me more than this statement for a number of reasons.
a.       First it finds its validation in ignorance.
                                                               i.      Under normal circumstances being a believer means believing in Christ! Those disciples that believe in Christ since the early church have always been called Christians  (Acts 11:26)
                                                             ii.      Many Christian try to separate themselves from other believers because we want to fit in with what the world has said of us. But the Bible teaches that the world will hate you because you are a believer in Christ. ( Matthew 10:22)  To denominate Christians from believers in Christ shows we have accepted the worldview of who we are rather than who the Bible says we are.  And may even be saying that you no longer desire to be identified as a Christian.  However you must determine the other option.
b.      Second. It is logically stupid, the statement is self-contradicting.
                                                               i.      Since a Christian and a believer (as defined by scripture) are the same to say I am a believer but not a Christian is like saying “I’m a man ( woman) but not a human” Because  the attribute of being a man require you  to be a human, the attribute of being a believer requires you to be a Christian.  Unless of course you believe in something other than Jesus Christ.
c.       It put you into allegiance with Satan. 
                                                               i.      There are two types of believers, those that believe and are Christians and those that are believer and are not Christians.  James 2:19 says “Even the demons believe and they tremble” What is this text saying about a believer that is not a Christian?
2.       I’m spiritual but not Religious
a.       To claim to be spiritual but not religious is like saying “I’m a scholar, but I don’t read” Just as there is not illiterate scholars, there are no non-religious spiritual people, because religion is how you become spiritual.
                                                               i.      Spiritual means either relating to that which is incorporeal
                                                             ii.      While Religion is a set of rules by which one is to worship
b.      The Bible teach something called “means of Grace” These are religious practices that the Bible teaches allows us to become more connected with the incorporeal God.  (Acts 2:40-43)[i]
c.       There is a spirit which is not religious; it is incorporeal in nature (like God) that does not want to be in subjection of the rules of religion. This spirit said in his heart he would ascend above the height of the clouds and make himself like the most high God. (Isaiah 14:13-14)
                                                               i.      The attribute of Satan is he is perfectly Spiritual but reject the rules of how to worship set forth by God (religion)  So when we say we are spiritual but not religious we are joining the team of the one who was casted down from heaven
                                                             ii.      I’m going to repeat what I said previously. Many Christians try to separate themselves from religion which keeps us spiritually grounded in Christ. They think if they change or remove the offensive word the world will accept us.   But the Bible teaches that the world will hate you because you are a disciple of Jesus Christ. ( Matthew 10:22)  To denominate being religious from being spiritual shows we have forgotten that if they crucified Jesus how much more will they do to us?  (John 15:18-16:4
You can be whomever you choose to be, but I am not a “Spiritual believer” which align me with Satan, I am a “Religious Christian” which means I follow Jesus Christ, and use the Scriptures and it’s precepts to guide me in how to follow Him.

Your Brother in Christ

Doctrine. Luke 16:29, Romans 10:17, 2 Timothy 3:15  - Baptism. Acts 2:38 ,John 3:5 1 Peter 1:23 - Fellowship Acts 2:44-47, 1John 1:7, Colossian 2:2 - Holy Communion Acts 2:46 - Prayer John 15:7, Romans 8:26, 2 Chronicles 7:14