Saturday, September 24, 2011

Is Hell Real?

There are many in today’s society that deny the idea that hell is real, they maintain that it is just a figurative expression used to imply and idea not a real place. The ideal of hell being an eternal and conscious punishment is just not fathomable,the idea of hell being eternal and not temporal is not considered.

However the bible clearly teaches that hell is a real place in which the wicked and unbelieving are sent after death.  The bible teaches that;
  • Hell is an eternal fire (Mat 25:14, Mat3:12, )
  • Hell is a place of shame and everlasting contempt for the wicked (Dan 12:2, Rev 14:10-11, Rev 20:10)
  •  That once in hell you can never leave. (Luke16:25-26)
  • There a consciousness of the pain and suffering endured in hell (Num 16:30, Mat 8:12, Rev 21:8)
Something to consider is that Jesus spoke more of hell than he did heaven! If hell was just an idea why would he spend so much time warning us of it? If there was no consciousness of the pain and suffering why would Jesus speak of it? If Hell was temporal and everyone would eventualy out, why would Jesus call it eternal?

If hell is not real than all the parables of Jesus are but lies. But if they are  real than you too have been warned.

Your Brother in Christ
Soli Deo Gloria