Thursday, December 18, 2014

Are You Blocking Your Blessing?

 You rejoice in this, though now for a short time you have had to struggle in various trials  so that the genuineness of your faith more valuable than gold, which perishes though refined by fire may result in praise, glory, and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter. 1:6-7

Have you ever noticed that many so called Christian have the ability to point at your failure toward God, at the very time when you need them to lift you up? This is especially true when you are struggling through something in your walk with God. Rather than exhort you and strengthen you to continue in your walk with God they. Accuse you for failing in your walk with God, because you are struggling. It is as if they believe that because you are going through some problem in life you are in more sin then they are! They sit up on their high horse and look down on you because of your problems.

This is a natural reaction of those that truly do not know God. Their lack of knowledge perceives God to be a respecter of men, in that men could earn God’s blessings (Acts 10:34) they justify themselves by their own deeds  Yet the Bible tell us that all God’s blessing are a gift, and gifts are not earned but bestowed on us by the giver. This error of thinking perverts the gospel and the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Let us consider Job, the Bible tells us that Job had three friends who could not understand why Job was going through such unspeakable tribulations. But rather than comfort him, they accused him of sinning and being the origin of his own afflictions.  

  • The first Eilphaz;  asked him “Who that was innocent ever perished” Or where were the upright ever cut off? As I have seen those the plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same(Job 4:7:8)  
  • Secondly, Bildad tells Job “…God will not reject a blameless person, nor take the hand of evildoers(Job 8:20)  
  • Then Zophar instructs him how to cleanse himself from the wickedness of his life. (Job 11:14-17)
But in all this Job maintains his innocence toward sin. Yet his friends don’t believe him.
In August of 2005 I lost my job of 11 years, I went from making around 80 thousand dollars a year to making lest then 12 thousand dollars a year. And up to this point I have not been able to hold down any stable job, jumping from one temporary position to another, struggling, to make ends meet.

While in my Lodebar I would looked for comfort in the presence of my church family. However the only thing I got was blame for my afflictions. Those that God had provided to lift me up spiritually, were only dragging me down.  The church that I was attending had developed the doctrine whereby they believed that my lack of blessing (as they seen them) was the results of sin in my life.  I was told the reason I did not get a better job was because I was not living my life for God. That if I had been living my life for God then I would have no want. This doctrine which teaches calamity only happens to evil people, and that Christians should live a life without suffering and trials and temptations is a direct result of the bad teaching of the Prosperity Gospel. If we are to believe this gospel than every suffering Christians in foreign countries are the origin of their own suffering, every Christian that has ever been killed because of his faith in Christ, The Christian girl that died in the Columbine slaughter, Christian all over the world that are being raped, murdered, robbed, contracting disease, and cancer are all the result of their bad relationship with God. Because Christians don’t suffer? (Selah)

Oh let us be cautious of anyone that says we should be living our best life now!
Fox news reports that every 5 minutes a Christian dies for his faith, that's over 105,000 Christians every year. And if we applied this flawed doctrine about earning God’s blessing than we would see how foolish these suffering Christians around the world are. Some dying, some being beaten and tortured, women being raped needlessly, when according to this doctrine all they need to do to end their affliction is practice Creflo Dollar’s[1] Dollar’s 4 steps to unblocking God’s blessing. or Rick Warrens  four laws of God's blessing, or send a seed offering to some other pastor on TBN.
But the Bible does not teach this “Blocking Your Blessing” doctrine, in fact this is a figment of man’s imagination. In reality, sometimes, bad things just happens to people, both Christians and non-Christians alike. And most of the time it’s not the result of some hidden sin, or evil within that person.

  • When Jesus was asked if the sin of some that suffered was the result of their sin, Jesus turned the conversation from the issue of sin to the issue of salvation through faith and repentance. (Luke 13:2-5
  • The book of James say “WHEN” we fall into temptation” not “IF” (James 1:2) . 
  • Jesus warns us that in this world WE WILL have suffering, (John 16:33
  • The Bible tells us that God makes it rain on both the good and the evil. (Matthew 5:45). 
  • King David was blessed beyond what many of us will ever hope for he went from a shepherd boy to king of a nation, yet he did wrong many times in the sight of God. Did he or was he able to block God’s blessing?  I don't think so.
  • Abraham lied about Sarah being his wife,  but inspite of his deception left Egypt rich. (Genesis 12:18-13:2)  And the proclamation from God that He (God) would bless them that blessed Abraham and curse them that cursed Abraham. (Genesis 12:3)
So the question is not if we go through things, but when we go through things? Don’t believe anyone that tells you, that you have some hidden sin in you, because life has dealt you a bad hand.Sometimes when we are living our lives for Christ the best we know how, trouble still falls on us, and this is perfectly inline with scripture.

Maybe we can’t understand it while we are going through suffering, but our suffering is all part of God’s perfect plan. Hebrews. 2:10 tells us that we are made perfect through our suffering.

1 Pet. 1:6-7 You rejoice in this, though now for a short time you have had to struggle in various trials  so that the genuineness of your faith (is made) more valuable than gold, which perishes though refined by fire may result in praise, glory, and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

 We rejoice because of the marriage we have with Christ, and Christ tells us to be courageous because he has already conquer the world, and we have confidence that we will also conquer our trials. (John 16:33). Jesus never tells us even once to pray to be delivered out of the trials but that we should be strengthened through them for our own benefit.
So the next time someone tells you that you are blocking your blessing, Tell them the Bible does not teach a “Blocking of Blessing” doctrine but teaches that we will get through our sufferings by the faith and confidence we have in Jesus Christ. And that the life that we are now living is but a precursor to the goodness that is to come. (Romans 8:18). And for those that tell you, you should be living your best life now.

Remind them "If we are living our best life now, your going to hell!

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Soli Deo Gloria

Monday, December 8, 2014

Why We Need to Defend Against Bad Doctrine

I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with [a]great patience and instruction. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. (2Tim 4:1-7)

In response to a post I made not too long ago someone asked
"Why do we have to defend Bible Doctrine? "

What is Defending Bible Doctrine?
Defending Bible doctrine is acknowledging that something taught or expressed is not in line with what the Bible revels about God, His plan for mankind, or creation, It could be something as small as explaining a Jewish idiom, or bringing into correct context a passage that has been completely misrepresented, or something more extreme like exposing a heretic teaching or rebuking false doctrine.
However the only way a Christian can defend Bible Doctrine is if he/she knows Bible Doctrine. This is as much the problem as the False Doctrine we defend against in that much of what the modern day Christian learns as doctrine is not what the Bible teaches at all. Many Christians never learn what the Bible really says on any level, because the only Bible they ever get is the passage taught from on Sunday by their pastor.  When you combine this with TBN and Christian inspirational radio there is no wonder that most Christians have no idea what the Bible says; the fact they never read their Bible, and they get their knowledge of the Bible from heretics of TV and Radio. (Not all Christian Radio or TV is heretic) which makes what most Christians know of their faith simply put, false doctrine, received from false teachers and we believe it’s the truth (2Pet 2:1-3). This is utterly dangerous because;
  1. Error in Bible Doctrine can cause us to depart from the faith and believe lies as if they were the truth. (1Tim 4:1-2)
  2. Error in Bible Doctrine can  ruining the credibility of Christianity (2Pet 2:1-3); 
  3. Error in Bible Doctrine can destroy people's faith (2 Tim 2:17-18)
The Bible teaches that we should be as the Berens, hear the word coming forth, and then test it against the Scriptures.  (Acts 17:11)
The Apostle Peter tells us this is called defending the gospel.  Yet defending the gospel is much more than that. It is ensuring the truth of the gospels is correctly spoken both in the church, on television and radio and even the on the street. But when we defend the gospel, the world hates us and the Christian rebuke us. This is because Sound Doctrine has no place in warm fuzzes, it won't make you happy it will prick your soul (Acts 2:37)

So Why Do We Defend Bible Doctrine?
  1. Because the Bible says we should! This is a big problem, in that we have let, (please forgive how I use this word) ignorant Christians teach, or as the Bible says novice instruct. Because they are not able to rightly divide the word (2 Tim 2:15) they leave difficult words and teaching alone. Or which I have seen often as of late, they allow none Christians tell us how to be Christians.
    1Peter 3:15 says “…and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” That verse is called an Apologia (I actually wanted that word as the license plate of my car but it had too many letters.) And Apologia means to defend.  We see this over and over in the Bible but we ignore it because it's difficult. Moreover it is much easier to come to church on Sunday as an emotional bag of bones than to do as Jesus required, which is take his yoke and learn of Him.

    Consider some of the more important places we find apologia.
    • always being prepared to make a “defense (Apologia)” to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; 1pet 3:15
    • In Philippians 1:17 Paul says he is set for the defense(Apologia) of the gospel
    • Jude 1:3   Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.
      Strong’s lexicon and Vine’ Expository Dictionary explains contend not much removed from defend in this way, Contending signifies to contend about a thing as a combatant, The word "earnestly" is added to convey the intensive force of the preposition..
  1. Now think of this, if we do not defend the gospel or Doctrine, than it will quickly become perverted and soon people will say what they think the bible says. However, when we defend the Gospel and Doctrine, it make sense on a natural level and people can come to God form a place on intelligence. In the post-modern world that we live in our Gospel can’t seem like a collection of superstition facts and folklore, God has to make sense. And when God makes sense to this generation they come to God. More importantly Jesus tells us that in the times when people accost us with the invalidity of the Bible that He will give us the answer (Luke 21:10-16)
Defending the Doctrine of the Bible is required by the Bible; it is expected of the believer.  When we do, we hold False Teacher accountable to the Bible, We present ourselves before God a workmen able to rightly divide the word of God, When we do we are infused with a knowledge greater than we would otherwise have.

Your Brother in Christ
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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fire Breathing Dinosaurs in the Bible?

Ok these kids did it to me again. The question two weeks ago is why does the Bible say nothing about dinosaurs?  

Here is my answer. Now when we look into the question what I really hear being asked is “The Bible must be wrong because it does not say anything about Dinosaurs” But the assumption is just wrong

There are many animals the Bible never specifically mentions, including cats, kangaroos, elephants, aardvarks, anteaters, platypuses, and penguins. Should we say that these animals never existed? To say that these animals do not cohabit the Earth with man because the Bible does not mention them, would, of course, be false. To assume dinosaurs and humans never lived together because “the Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs,” is equally erroneous.

Conclusion; Simply because the Scriptures do not mention an animal does not mean that the Bible teaches the animal never existed. 

For a hundred years scientist said there was a dinosaur called a brontosaurus. Most of the children dinosaur books are covered with pictures of this gigantic animal with long neck and legs like tree trunks. Even museums are filled with false skeletons which are nothing more the figments of man’s imagination that are supposed to be this animal. Today scientist have admitted they were all wrong there is no such thing as a brontosaurus. 

Conclusion; simply because science Does mention and teach us in school about an animal does not mean it really existed!

In 1822, Mary Ann Mantell became the first person to discover these strange bones. Her husband, Dr. Gideon Mantell, later named this creature an “Iguanodon.” Paleontologists have been in a constant race to discover new and better dinosaurs. And Truth has not been there big feature!

Now let talk about what the Bible does say.

28 times the bible uses the word tanniyn (H8577)
but each time  modern translations gives it a different  name, sometimes is called Great Whale ( Gen 1:21)  Sometimes serpent (Ex 7:12) and sometimes dragon (psalm 74:1)  but strong concordance says it could also be translated as Sea Monster or Dinosaur.(
tanniyn BLB)  

Conclusion; Simply because there was no word for dinosaur when the bible was written the word dinosaurs was not used

But there is more.
In Job 40:15-24 speaks of a behemoth (H929) which some bible translate as hippopotamus or elephant. However, Strong’s Concordance defines this as a Dinosaur more specifically Diplodocus or Brachiosaurus, and says of those Bibles that translate behemoth as elephant or hippopotamus as simply absurd. (see description from the book of Job)

Some translate as elephant or hippopotamus but from the description in Job 40:15-24, this is patently absurd. (Behemoth BlB)

Conclusion; If the Bible describes a Brachiosaurus, when  it ( the Bible) was translated into English and no one has ever heard of  a Brachiosaurus at that time, then it goes to reason that the nomenclature was incorrect. (Remember the Bible was written x many years before anyone knew what a dinosaur was)

Six time the Bible speaks of a Leviathan; (H3882) however Job 41 gives the best description of this sea creature. 
His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal.  One is so near to another that no air can come between them.  They are joined one to another, they stick together, that they cannot be sundered. (vs 15-17)

 He esteemeth iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood.  The arrow cannot make him flee: slingstones are turned with him into stubble.  Darts are counted as stubble: he laugheth at the shaking of a spear.  Sharp stones are under him: he spreadeth sharp pointed things upon the mire. (Vs 27-30)

Yet somehow from this description some Bible version describe this creature as crocodile or an alligator.  However, Strong’s Concordance give us a very different story.  It says “leviathan, is sea monster, dragon  perhaps the extinct dinosaur, plesiosaurus. But this thing Strong make perfectly clear it not an Alligator or Crocodile.

Some think this to be a crocodile but from the description in Job 41:1-34 this is patently absurd. It appears to be a large fire breathing animal of some sort. Just as the bomardier beetle has an explosion producing mechanism, so the great sea dragon may have an explosive producing mechanism to enable it to be a real fire breathing dragon.
(leviathan BLB)

Conclusion; The Bible does not speak of many animals which we know exist, not mentioning an animal does not mean it did not exist or does not still exist.  Just because scientist says an animal Did exist does not mean it really did, Science had a very long track record of contradicting the bible only to latter be proven incorrect.   Yet the Bible never changes Science does.

T.Charves FireSpeaks


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