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A Religious Heart Towards God

 2 Timothy 2:15  Study to shew thyself approved unto God 

So many pastors teach getting rid of your intellect and resting on the Holy Spirit,in your walk with Christ. If there is no training on how this is done or if the convert is new to the faith can be just as if not more dangerous than relying on your intellect. 

It is our intellect that allows us to discern right form wrong, in fact our intellect is needed to even read the Bible. But some think that you must let go of intellect as if it was without value.However it is the religious mind that allows us to rightly divide the Word of Truth. 

No Pastor will instruct you to go to Buddah for salvations, but they will ask you negate your intellect for understanding. This concept of negateing our intellect is not very different than the easteren forms of meditation where one is expected to empty his mind.  Daniel, Joseph and King Solomon were all men of extreamly high intellegence as was Luke who wrote the book of Luke and Acts of the Apostles, as well a Paul who wrote more books in the bible than anyone else two new testement examples of men of high intellect. Moses wrote the first five books of the bible had he not esteemed the scrafices of Jesus Christ greater then the riches of Egypt he would have surely been the next Pharaoh. And where would we have been without these men?

So will a man of intellect be at a disadvantage in his walk with Christ? I think not everything that is profitable to us has to do with not just where our mind is with God, but also where our heart is with God. As a man's heart is, so is he before God. We can know no deeper values than we can obtain through our hearts a real(relationship) with God 

So to be religious of mind and religious of heart is two different things. The mind gathers knowledge of God’s Word, and then prepares the food of His Word for the heart to be nourished.  However if we gather with out ingestion, we began to lean (or depend on) our understanding of God’s word. This leaning into our own understanding concerning even the divine things of God, causes us to think that we have been occupied by God’s Spirit. This is religious mind toward God

However understanding of divine thing has to do with concepts, and no matter how passionate we may feel about them they cannot reach into the very soul of a man. It is in the heart that God has set aside a resting place for his Holy Spirit to work in us with power. 

We think that because we can intellectualize and elaborate on the intricacies of Scripture that the Spirit of God is upon us. However if you can do these things and our heart is not right with God we are of little value to God or man. 

A man can study all there is to know about the effects of food on his body; however, when he needs to eat, he must put away his study and his books and exercise his power to eat, if he does not he wiil surely die and is of no value to anyone dead. Likewise a Christian when he has studied or hears God’s Word must put away his Bible and his thoughts, put no trust in them, and open his heart to God’s Will and seek a real relationship with God, express real love toward his brother or enemy, if he does not then all that he has learn is of no value. 

Jesus said " Why  call me Lord,Lord  and do not the things which I say?"( Luke 6:46)

Religious Heart Toward God

The absence of a Religious Heart is the reason for so many churches which are located in depressed areas of the city, with so many people in need of the gospel yet no one is being saved. It is the responsibility of the church to not make money, not employ the saints, but to support the community. If the saints are employed also that is an extra not a goal. 

Most churches which are ineffective in their communities ‘have members which suffer from lack of a Religious Heart or have a Rebellious Heart toward following Christ. They think that because they go to church every Sunday and jump up and down, shout hallelujah, quiver and shake that they have the glory.

But the glory is not about how you feel, The Glory is when you are no longer controlled by the Galatians sins of the flesh, the Glory is when you come into the understanding that you are not worth a half of nothing and you can humble yourself before God's mighty and terrible power and realize that without Him there is no you. Then the Glory can come to you. Then when you have stop being good at being church, and you have started doing church. when your heart is right with God, god can do something with you.  Therefore in all your religious studies, remember also to study with your heart(that's an Verb) to show thyself approved unto God.

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