Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Audacity to Pray

As Barack Obama takes office as the 44th president of the United States, his name is in the prayers of many people though out the world.  For many people of African-American decent it’s the pride they feel knowing that a man of color can rise to the highest office in the world. For others it’s the Audacity of Hope that maybe this time we will have a president that will remember his fist duty is to serve the people not his own personal gain. For some their prayers are that he does not screw up this great nation or take away what they imagine they already have, and for even others, sadly, anger and hatred, prejudice and bigotry piety and self-righteousness pierce their lips in prayer each night. This from those that who say they are of God.
But no matter what the case this man, Barack Obama whose first name means blessing has been raised to the office of The President of the United States by God Himself All Mighty (Psalm 75:6-7) and has caused men, be it by pride, or by hope, by love, by fear or by hatred, to humble themselves before an All Mighty God in prayer. 
Each man has his own reason for praying for our new president, but miraculously in a world of hate and crime, apostasy and hunger, men are coming together for a single cause, praying for the success of our new president and the prosperity of our great nation Matthew 18:19-20
 The Bible tells us in Luke 18:1 that men should pay and never give up, get tired, quit, or go faint. In 1 Thessalonians 5:17 we are instructed to Pray without ceasing.  Phil 4:6 requires that for everything, we must let our request be known to God. The bible even tells us how to pray for our leaders.
 I timothy 2:1-3 The Apostle Paul gives instructions on how a man of God should carry himself concerning prayer, praying for not just his loved one but for all men friend or foe. In Verse 2 he (Paul) lists those in authority that we should pray for; in verse 3 Paul tell us that this type of pray is pleasing to God.
For those that are not sure just how we should pray for our leaders I have written this prayer to guide you biblicaly so that we all may know. This prayer is for all people that love this country, for those that love our new President, and for those that may not. This prayer is for those that wish to be obedient to God, and for those that believe prayer works. But more importantly this prayer is for those that have the audacity to hope for a better future in this United States of America and the whole world. So I give you my prayer for President Barack Obama the 44th president of the United States of America.
 Oh Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, I humble myself before you in prayer. You Father alone can do all things, know all things, You are everywhere, even in the hearts of men, and there is no thing, no man, nor any circumstance, or situation which can stand against You, for everything that is, is because You made it so. And that which is not, is not because you have not found pleasure in it.
 Therefore Dear Father, God of all there is the One who alone is Eternal, I confidently come to You in prayer knowing that You and You alone are able to guide the hearts of men, leaders of all the world, Kings and Princes, Presidents and Prime Ministers, Generals and Soldiers, Adversary and Allies all those that are in authority that we may lead a quite and peaceable, prosperous and Godly life.
With this prayer I do cover all my leaders, those earthly and Spiritual that they may do that which is right in your eyes that you will protect them from the evil one and will bless all the works of their hands which are inline with your will.
I lift of the president of this United States of America, Barack Obama, all his family, all his cabinet and those appointed under him; that they will be successful in fulfilling the needs of this country,  be it healthcare, education, the economy, or whatever is needed, That this country will be blessed so greatly  that we will pour out this blessing given to us by You unto others less fortunate countries.
I pray that we will put down our guns and lift up our voices in prayer, put aside our differences and accent our likeness, forget our past atrocities, and fill our hearts with the expectations of hope, equality and love.
But more importantly Dear Father I pray that You will guide the hearts of our leaders. So that we will be so much more than just leaders in the world in weapons, and economy, Much more than leaders in technology and science Much more than leaders in agricultural and arts, but that we should lead this  world back from the iniquity of apostasy to a true Fear of You;  my God.

In the Name of Him that is able to save Jesus Christ 
I Pray,  Amen

Your Brother In Christ
Soli Deo Gloria

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