Saturday, January 31, 2009

Attributes of God

In the next few bloggs I will address what I call the five attributes of God. I've heard about other  having as many as 40 different Attributes of God but when I investigate them i found they all fell into 5 major attributes.

Sometimes attributes are mistaken for characteristics but they are clearly different. Attributes are the things that we can know or identify as ( not with) God. Characteristics are those thing that God expresses toward man.

For example height, weight, and hair color are all attributes of a man, while kindness, a deciteful and abrasive are characteristics of a man. God's Characteristics are forgivining, merciful, gracious, longsuffering, kind and never forsaking.

Assuming this to be true here are the five attributes of God; 

Attributes of God

1.    Omnipresence 

o  The Indwelling of Omnipresence 

o  The Theophany of Omnipresence

o  The Omnipresence God ( Everywhere)

2.    Omniscience

o  The Omniscience of God (part 1)

o  The Omniscience of God” (part 2 )

3.    The Immutability of God

4.    The Eternalness of God

5.    The Omnipotent God

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