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The Immutability of God

Man seldom sees the need to ponder, meditate, or contemplate on the Immutability of God. This attribute of God is if nothing else the most difficult for man to understand because for the most part man measures God's Immutability with His relationships with man. However this very act is foolish because That which is Eternally Infinite can not be subjected to that which is mutable and limited.
When we think of The Immutability of God what goes through most people mind is that God never changes. This first thought is absolutely true and not true at the same time. You see God never changes in His Essence, God never changes in His Attributes, and God never changes in His counsel. However changing and mutability is not necessarily the same thing.

The Essence of God's Immutability The essence of God is the same it has always been, God did not at some time improve, mature or grow, God is what He has always been and always will be. Mal 3:6 says "I am the Lord I change not" When Moses asked God his name so that he might tell the Children of Jacob. God simply affirmed his eternal-self-ness (I coined that expression myself) and answered Hayah Asher Hayah (I am that I am) which is all the limited mind of Moses (or any of us for that matter) could comprehend.

The Attributes of God’s Immutability
The very qualities that God had when He fashioned all that there is, are precisely the same qualities as they are right now and tomorrow. God's Power is unabated (unrelenting, unyielding, without losing any original force or violence) God's wisdom is undiminished (not reduced or lessened, plenary, thorough ), His holiness is untainted (not tarnished, contaminated, or polluted, immaculate, impeccable, pure ) His mercy endureth for ever (Psalm 100:5)

The Counsel of God’s Immutability
So you will say “Don’t start with me, what about Genesis 6:6?” I could argue with Numbers 23:19 or even 1 Samuel 15:29 or even Romans 11:29 which seems in complete contrast to Genesis 6:6. So are the scriptures contradicting themselves? God forbid! Genesis 6:6 addresses God's action in relationship to the corruption of man, the other addresses God actions in relationship to the righteous desire of man toward God. No this is not a play with words let me try to explain.
As a child you and your parents go into a grocery store, your parents say to you “if you run through the store will spank you.” Your parents counsel is that you behave correctly in the store, which is expressed as 1 Samuel 15:29. They have no intentions of spanking you. Your bad behavior warrants a spanking; however your parents counsel, which is that you behave correctly in the store, is the same. When you do not behave correctly their actions are express as Genesis 6:6. Had you behaved correctly their actions would have been expressed as Romans 11:29. Now if you parents warn you about their actions, you misbehave and they do nothing then Numbers 23:19 will be a lie, but because they do what they said they would do if you misbehave Numbers 23:19 is true and their actions are expressed as Genesis 6:6.
Why God must be Immutable This next section I read on the Got Questions websites it was so good that I had to include it in my teaching. (Better than I could come up with) Praise the Lord!
  1. In order for something to change there must be a time when it was one way and a different point in time when it was not, however God lives outside of time there was never a point when God was not, nor any time to come when God will not be ( Read the Eternalness of God) therefore God is Immutable on the strength of His eternalness

  2. In order for there to be a change a thing (the object of the change) must be added to, or something taken from it, that object of change must get better or it must get worst. But God is Perfect and Complete without Blemish having nothing which can be added to God nor can anything which can be taken from God. Therefore God is Immutable on the strength of His self-sufficiency

  3. When something or someone changes his or her mind it is because there is some new information which resulted from a situation that was not known before. But God is Omniscient (All Knowing) there is no new situation which God does not already know the outcome. So when the bible speaks of God changing His mind (Genesis 6:6) we must remember it is not God which changes but the situation that changes or better yet man which deviates from the intent of God's will. However, God lives outside of time, space, and matter, knowing all that is and all that is to come has already accounted for all the possibilities of man's fall and therefore remains constant in his intent. in this we see that God is immutable on the strength of Omniscience.

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