Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Eternalness of God

The Eternal Attribute of God

 If I was to say to you that “God is Eternal” the first thing that would come to your mind is the futurity of God. In our minds we define eternal as the continual or perpetual existence of God. However God’s Eternalness is much greater than just His continual existence. To define God’s Eternalness that way is to put the limited thinking of man on the limitlessness of God. Man has no problem (very little problem) perceiving the futurity of God’s Eternalness, even though we have no real knowledge of what the future holds, we can perceive a future out there beyond where we are right now in time and space.
However when we are asked to remember that precise moment in our past when our little bald heads forced it way through the canal of our mother’s womb, even though everyone of us has experienced it, not one of us can remember it. The very reason for this is that we have a beginning. In the natural, there exists for each of us a time when we were not, and therefore anything that happened before we were, we know nothing of. As we think back to our earliest memory, we find the closer we get to that time when we came into our natural existence, the less we can recall of our life. This is the nature of man but not of God.
God is Eternal, and the Eternalness of God is not limited by God futurity but is inclusive of all time, even inclusive of all time that has past. In Genesis 1:1 the Bible tells us that “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” Now the Hebrew word the Bible uses for heaven is Shamayim (Sha-Mah-yim) which is roughly translated as universe. Wikipedia Defines The Universe as everything that physically exists: the entirety of space and time, all forms of matter, energy and momentum, and the physical laws and constants that govern them.
This may appear to be a unique way of explaining God Eternalness, but unless we have a starting point that is completely free of the constraints of the human mind we will be lost trying to understand the Eternalness of God which is, and will always be, beyond anything that we Can ever know. If you can imagine a period when there was nothing that we are able to humanly perceive, a period when there was no mater, no energy, no momentum, no space, not even time before all that came into existence, even before that moment, God already was! I rarely quote the Message Bible however sometimes its clarity is deafening, look at how the authors of this bible express Moses most humbling revelation of God’s Eternalness

God, it seems you've been our home forever; long before the mountains were born. Long before you brought earth itself to birth, from "once upon a time" to "kingdom come"—you are God. Psalm 90:2 (Message)
  1. God’s Eternalness is not His continual existence, if it were it would be called immortality. However immortality is measured by time and God is much greater than time because he exists beyond time, He created time.
  2. God’s Eternalness in not limited by the past, that would be called history. History however, is measure by what we already know has happened and what is known has no effect on what is and what is to come.
  3. God’s Eternalness in not limited by the future, that would be called prophecy. Prophecy is the hope of what is to come and before there was prophecy, God was. 

What makes God Eternal is that He is not limited by matter or energy, because before they were God was already. He is not limited by time or space, for he created them. What makes God Eternal is that before all that is, was, God already was. And when all that is, no longer is God will already still be. 

Soli Deo Gloria

Your Brother in Christ


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