Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Jesus Christ, my first love.

i was listening to the radio today, the gospel station Praise103.9 FM in Philadelphia, and one of the questions that asked of their listeners  today was when did they realized that they truly loved Jesus? i guess in a way this being Valentine’s day the question kind of made sense.
As i drove my car down Roosevelt Blvd  and listened to the callers respond to this question my hand moved toward my cell phone setting in the middle console. my multi-tasking skill leaves a lot to be desired so i decided rather than cause a major crash on this already highest accident prone street in the country i would wait until i got somewhere i could safely make a call.
i listened intently as caller after caller passionately recounted that moment when they realized that they really loved Christ Jesus. Even though i was still driving down the road, i could almost see the events of their lives as if they were projected on a big screen movie in front of me. 
For some as they recalled the moment when they gave their life to Christ; you could hear the cracking of their voice almost to tears as they described that day or night. Others remember when their lives were in a state of hopelessness, and when the whole world had counted them out,  no one believing  they could find help, but they called on the Name of the Lord, and He rescued them from destruction.
Almost in tears as i listened to the stories of these men and women of God as they praised Jesus with their testimonies, i knew in my spirit that this Valentine’s Day was not about their husband or Wife in the natural, i’m sure that loved them. But for them there was a special love they had for the Bridegroom Jesus Christ that was to return for His Bride the Church at the appointed time.
i struggled to remember when  i realized that i really loved Jesus.  i had always read my bible, and i'd rather pray than eat when i was hungry. Even before i knew i had given my life to Jesus i had already given my life to Him, if that makes any sense. Unlike some people, i couldn't tell you on what day i was saved. i can’t remember the day that i consciencely said “I give my life to you Jesus Christ” to me it was almost as if Jesus already knew my life was his, He just had to get me to that place where I knew it also. 
You see I’ve always loved the good stuff about Jesus, it was the hard things like Luke 14:26 that caused me distress.  i just wasn’t ready to hate my mother and father, my wife and my children, it just seem like Jesus had crossed the line in my following Him.  He was simply asking way too much, i just had not came to that place where i could fully esteem the sacrifice of my Lord Jesus Christ;  That was the reason that these hard saying were so impalatableto me. If only I could fathom what it was that Jesus did for me on the cross, then i would be able to ingest what He was requiring of me. if i could as King David says “Taste and see that the Lord is Good” 
But it was my obedience to the parts of the Word that i would accept, that allowed me to mature to a point where those hard saying were not as hard anymore. I began to understand the importance of the sacrifice of my Lord Jesus Christ, the fear of the All Mighty God was in me, and all about me, i started to understand the magnitude of the Grace of God through Christ Jesus which saved my wretched soul. And i realized that i loved Christ Jesus more than my mother, more than my father, more than any gift i could receive, even more than my own life.
Now i can’t give you a day when all this happened, i can’t give you a day when I fell in love my future wife either, but i know i love her, and i know i love Jesus, and if i thought it made a difference to Him, i would surely say;
Happy Valentine’s Day Jesus Christ, my first love.

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