Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reveal Thyself to Me Dear God

Prayers in Pursuit of God
Part 1 of a 11

How badly do you truly desire to be in the presence of your Heavenly Father? This was a problem for me because I had once felt so close to my Father that I would tell people "Because I am so inline with the will of God it doesn't even rain on me"

And then one day August 8 2005, it did rain, and for reasons I don't understand I fell out of alignment with my Father. I once heard him speak to me all day long, but lately it has been as if He had forgotten my name, as if He was hiding Himself from me.

In the next week or two I will be posting a series of 10 blogs that will deal with the issues of prayer. At the end of each blog I will post a prayer, like the one below. These prayers inspired by AW Tozer will open our eyes to a better understanding of scripture and a more passionate pursuit of our heavenly Father. When combined with regular reading of the bible ( I suggest the gospel ) I dare anyone that participates and not develop a closer relationship with the Father and a more effectual prayer life.

After reading the first chapter of A.W. Tozer's Pursuit of God I found a prayer that was very similar to one I used to say many years ago. Now over the years I have modified this prayer to fit my circumstance or situation but this is the general outline of it. I hope you enjoy it and even if you desire modify it to fit your personal Pursuit of God as well.

Reveal Thyself to Me Dear Father

Reveal Thyself to me my Father, reveal Thyself to me; I don't care if you reveal Thyself in my meditations, my contemplations, my conversations, my prayers or my dreams. Because I thirst for You, my only desire is that You would reveal Thyself to me.
Reveal Thyself to me heavenly Father, even more than before; reveal Thyself to me; I don’t care if you reveal Thyself in visions, or in my worship, as I praise, or while I study Your word. I don’t care if You would reveal Thyself in the presence of friends or by the words of enemies, because I long to be filled with the goodness, I need to be in Your presence. My only desire is that You would reveal Thyself to me even more.
Reveal Thyself to me dear Abba, even more than I can imagine; reveal Thyself to me mouth more than I could ever hope for; because I have wandered like so many others in the mediocrity of knowing You far too long. I now like pains of hunger, crave to see Your Goodness, and covetously I desire to be in Your Grace. Reveal Thyself to me. More than necessary water or drink I need to love You even more deeply; I lust to hear You even more clearly; I desire to be in Your presence even more continually; I yearn to know You even more intimately, Reveal Thyself To me my heavenly Father, I need You to reveal Thyself to me.

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