Wednesday, October 20, 2010


HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTYAs reported by Fox 43 News

Five people, including four children four-years-old and younger, are killed after a fast moving fire tears apart their Harrisburg rowhome. The flames so intense, by the time firefighters could get inside, they were unable to rescue the five victims. (see actual news broadcast) 

Strength in a time of weakness

As I stood outside the Pinnacle Health Center in Harrisburg watching my mother-in-law console her granddaughter, who had just lost both her mother and her daughter to this fire,  I thought “how strong is this women, having just recently lost a daughter to cancer yet still able to console” It seemed so unfair that she would have to go through another death after she had already gone through so much, and to not just one but five family members die in a fire was a lot more than unfair.

But like a mother eagle protects her chicks from the devastating winds, she pulled her granddaughters both of them, under her wings into her bosom, and began to minister her love in this time of tragedy. While the tears rolled down my stony cheeks, I realized that she was not just a grandmother that was consoling her granddaughters because of the children they lost in this fire. She was also a mother that lost her daughter to the very same tragedy. 

Please help in whatever way your heart leads you
Every gift is appreciated.

To help with the Funeral Cost of the 5 victims of 625 Forrest St

Please make donations to;


Franklin Family

Wallace Funeral Home

106 Agnes Street

Harrisburg PA 17104

Your Brother in Christ
Troy "FireSpeaks" Pearsall

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