Saturday, March 3, 2007

Just give God the glory

After all the hoopla about Peyton Manning and The Colts, Tony Dungy and his faith I am as Christian very confused about why.

We live in a world where we are told to put more faith in God in all parts of our life. In our daily life, when things go well as well as when they go bad. However, as soon as a notable person says he/she has put their faith in God in public they are condemned for the very faith they profess.

I dont' think for a momment that God gives two wooden nickles about which teams wins the Superbowl but the bible says the "For the Lord take delight in his people and he crowns the humble with victory" So we humble oursleves before God.

Is it possible that the faith of one man or one team had some favor in God? If not actually than in the mind of the man with whom the faith was displayed. Really what difference does that make?

The goal of this post is not to create a debate but rather toask the question " Is it so bad that a team of men want to give God the Glory?"
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