Thursday, January 19, 2012

Apprehending God

Prayers in Pursuit of God
Part 4 of a 11
O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalm 34:8 (KJV)
How can we worship our Father when in truth we cannot comprehend even who He is? For most people our heavenly Father is and inference not a reality. Many say they know him but have only heard about him, from others, to them our heavenly Father is nothing but another name for goodness, or beauty, truth or nature, or He is some mystical force or even worst the cause of any event which we cannot explain. These people see Him this way because they do not know Him personally. The reality of an intimate relation with Him has never crossed their minds, while admitting He exist they will intellectually say He is not knowable, not as one person can know another.
For millions of Christians, our Heavenly Father is no more real than He is for non-believers; they attend church, bible study and prayer meeting without fail, yet find themselves trying to love the idea of God, and be loyal to the principle of God, because they are unable to perceive a personal relation with Our Father. Yet scripture and doctrine is clear that our heavenly Father, (God) can and should be personally experienced. The bible assumes with evidence of fact that men can know God with an intimacy that we know any other person. Yet most churches around the United States are filled with children of God, most of which can recite scripture perfectly, and intellectually comprehend any doctrine, but within them there is nothing alive which will apprehend the spiritual enough to know God personally.
So is God, our heavenly Father, really knowable? The bible tells us that He is. Just as we apprehend the physical world with our physical faculties (we see, hear, touch, taste and smell) we must apprehend God with spiritual faculties. Yet the spiritual faculties that are required to know God lie dead in the person of the unregenerate man, un-believers and Christians alike. These faculties have always been within us but have been dead because of unused.
It is unbelief, and lack of faith which makes so many children of God ignorant of the person of God. Faith that switch which turns on our spiritual faculties has been unused for most if not all of our lives, and unless we believe and have faith the spiritual faculties that we need to know God are rusted and defective.
Just as a blind man cannot admire a new painting, or a deft man cannot enjoy and musical symphony neither will a person that is numb and insensitive to the spiritual things ever know God personally. If only our physical faculties are working then only the things of this world is real. For the man who spiritual faculties have not been quicken (Romans 4:17, Romans 8:11, 1Peter 3:18 ) by Holy Spirit, God though that man speaks otherwise, can be understood only from another's experience of Him. For the man who spiritual faculties are dead God is but a idol in his mind, imaginary created out his own thoughts, and not any more real than leprechauns and unicorns.
However when Holy Spirit quickens your mortal body, the faculties which can apprehend God within us come to life. We see our Father not just as an idea or a principle but more real than anyone we can touch or see. Our way of thinking change from dependency on the visible to faith in the invisible, we began to focus on the things of the spirit greater than the things of the world. This is exceedingly difficult because our natural man hates the spiritual, so he fights to no avail against the knowledge of our Father. But to those that can hang the self upon the cross them only will move to obedience to Yehoshua. It is that obedient to Yehoshua which opens our eyes to the revelation of who the Father is, (John 14:21-23) Then we start of seek after God and He rewards us with a glimpse of Himself (Hebrews 11:6). But who can, once he has tasted the goodness of our Father turn back to this world? (Hebrews 6:4-6) So we only hunger even the more, a hunger which cannot be describe to the natural man. Like King David we can only encourage them to “Taste and see that the Lord is Good(Psalm 34:8)
Let us pray;
Oh heavenly Father, quicken that which was once dead within me and allow me to apprehend You and all of heaven and everything which is eternal. Bring to life my spiritual faculties so that heaven more real and my relationship with You is personal than anything that I can touch, or feel, or see or taste or hear on this earth. Oh Abba open my spiritual eyes so I may see, spiritual ears that I may hear, give me a heart of flesh that I my feel You even the more personally. My God, my Father, my Savior let me spiritually know You, let me taste and see that You are good. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Amen

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