Thursday, June 18, 2020

Whom the Son Set Free

Whom the Son Set Free is Free indeed

This is an update of a post on June 18th 2018

Abolitionist such as Fredrick Douglass and Sojourner Truth, Presbyterian Minister John Rankin and Levi Coffin, worked tirelessly, in many cases even in defiance of the law to free black from bondage in the United States. Then on January 1st, 1863   when President Abraham Lincoln ratified the Emancipation Proclamation declaring that all enslaved persons in the Confederate States of America in rebellion and not in Union hands were to be freed.  It appeared that the institution known as slavery had been defeated.

Shockingly, some enslaved African Americans had no idea that President Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which mandated that they be set free. In Texas, more than two-and-a-half years passed before they attained the knowledge of their freedom.

For 30 months the African American Slaves in Texas were free but did not know it. They were no longer under the law of slavery, yet they were stuck in the system of slavery. They had no ability to live an abundant life that their slaver owners could enjoy. However, on June 19th, 1865 all that changed and the celebration of freedom began.

Today all fifty states except Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota and South Dakota celebrate this most joyous occasion with events like the re-reading of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Singing of traditional Negro Spiritual such as “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”,  the reading of noted black authors and poets, family cookouts, community rodeos, street fairs, , historic reenactments and even a Miss Juneteenth Contest.

On this most celebratory day (also my wedding anniversary) I think of the many Christians that have  to keep the letter of the law so that we might not be seen as  sinful. There are churches where they will actually measure the length of w women’s dress, or the cut of a man’s hair. They will return to the six hundred and thirteen precepts of the old testament to hold us prisoner.  To a pious a boastful righteousness. (Hebrews 6:5-6)
Today many American are slaves, the Emancipation Proclamation did not free us of the hurt of 400 years of subhuman condition. So we are slaves to anger, and we lust reparation or  revenge or at best to be avenged.
Other of us are a slave to anger, we despise what we feel have been years of paying back what we never did. Many are slaves to hate and can only see the truth in the punishment, and even death of those whom we feel has caused this hate. Slavery is living a life whereby you are controlled by something that ought not to control you. Be it hate, or unforgiveness, revenge, and even anger whatever it is all of us are in some way slaves.

So even though as a nation we are fighting together against a pandemic that has killed over 8 million people 2.2 million in the United States alone! At a time when we should be joining together to mourn our loss, minister to our elderly, and protect our children. 

We are killing our innocent, looting our shops, and dividing people by race, religions, skin color, and political parties. We are still slaves obedient to a wicked master.

Like hypocrites  after pledging to be one nation under God indivisible, we divided and went our separate ways, destined to serve a master who’s name is hate and racism

But the scripture says”
whom the son sets free is free indeed!

So this Juneteeth as you celebrate the freeing of the slaves, by President Abraham Lincoln 157 years ago. With hotdogs, hamburgers barbeque ribs, with song and dance and celebration and praise to good and wonderful God.  Do not be fooled like the slaves in Texas who served a master out of ignorance. Remember that you too were set free of despair, and anger, and unforgiveness, and hate, and racism, about 2000 years ago by our Lord Jesus Christ.
And you no longer have to serve a wicked master

 “whom the Son sets free is free indeed!
(John 8:36)

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Exercise in Godliness

 This is the best of the series so far. Please forgive me  I had a number of interruptions during this sermon.  that may have knocked me off point but I think I got most of the information I wanted to address in this.
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Exercise in Godliness

Monday, May 4, 2020

The Great Mystery of Godliness (God's redemptive plan for mankind)

Through progressive revelation  in the bible teaches that this is the mystery of god's redemptive plan for mankind which is that ;  Jesus is at the center of salvation.
! timothy 3:16 says “By common confession , great is the mystery of godliness: He who was revealed in the flesh , Was vindicated in the Spirit , Seen by angels , Proclaimed among the nations , Believed on in the world , Taken up in glory.

how were men made right by God in the Old Testament? How are we made Godly through Jesus Christ?

The Great Mystery of Godliness (God's redemptive plan for mankind)

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